If your child is experiencing an acute mental health crisis that can’t be managed with outpatient care, please call us to discuss our services or possible admission.

Our Child-Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit staff will take your name and phone number, then have a member of our psychiatric intervention team contact you about the admission process.

Who We Serve

We serve children ages 5 - 17 who may be a danger to themselves and/or others, experiencing altered thoughts or unable to be cared for safely in a less restrictive setting.

Treatment Approach

Our interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric RNs, psychiatric social workers, recreational therapists and psychiatric technicians evaluates your child and works with you to develop a comprehensive plan of care.

Your child’s most dangerous symptoms are stabilized during their hospital stay. A combination of medication, group and/or individual therapy, and behavioral interventions may be used. Consultations with other specialists such as speech and hearing, or medical physicians, will occur as your child needs. We will recommend continuing care for after your child leaves the hospital.

What to Expect

This is an inpatient hospital unit. You can’t stay with your child, though nightly visitation is allowed. Unlike a hospital stay for medical reasons, your child won’t be confined to his room all day. Children go to the unit classroom and participate in therapeutic activities and groups throughout the day and evening. 

This allows our treatment team to observe and evaluate how he’s responding to treatment during daily and routine activities. Children eat meals together and have time for physical activity in the gym. Just like at home, your child will have basic responsibilities including making her bed and setting the table.

When your child’s most dangerous symptoms are stabilized he’s ready to leave the hospital. He’ll still need continuing treatment and support so his condition can continue to improve. We’ll develop a plan that works for your child and family by helping find outpatient mental health resources in your area.