Costs Tuition for 12-month program $3,000
Costs Room and Board $400/month
Costs Commuting Costs $150/month
Costs Uniforms $50
Costs Incidental Supplies $50
Costs Books Provided by CoxHealth
For details concerning the tuition refund policy and tuition reimbursement policy, contact the program director. 

Students are allowed to work in the laboratory for pay on a PRN, voluntary basis and outside of regular education hours. You may work only in an area in which you’ve demonstrated competence and are always under the supervision of a medical technologist. 

Financial Aid/Scholarships 

Several scholarships and/or loans are available for students enrolled in the CoxHealth School of Medical Technology.

Scholarships CoxHealth Auxiliary Scholarship
Scholarships American Society of Pathologists Scholarship
Scholarships Health Career Foundation Scholarship/loan
Scholarships Missouri Society of Pathologists Scholarship
Scholarships ASMT Education and Research Fund Scholarship/Grant
Scholarships Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity Scholarship
Scholarships Russell Kerr Loan Fund Loan

Awards are also given during the training year for student achievement. Contact the program director for more information.

Students who are completing a bachelor of science degree in Medical Technology may be eligible for the Pell Grant and guaranteed student loans. A need analysis document must be filed. For more information about financial aid programs and applications, contact the financial aid office on the campus of the college/university that will be awarding your degree.