Required Documentation 

Time Requirements for Requests 

RUSH requests must be made by phone: 417-269-3460. 

Clinical Emergencies (RUSH Requests) 

  • Rush requests will be processed immediately. 
  • Literature searches or reprints of materials requested from in-house sources will be delivered within 2 hours. 
  • Sincere effort will be made to acquire journal articles not owned by the CoxHealth Libraries within 3 hours. 
  • While it’s possible to fill rush requests for book chapters or pages, this option is not available for an entire book. 

Priority Requests 

Priority requests will be filled within 48 hours. 

Routine Requests 

Routine requests will be completed within a timely manner and are prioritized according to other pending requests. 

Reference Services 

  • Professional reference librarians are available to assist in obtaining health care information for CoxHealth physicians, employees, students, patients and their families. 
  • Public computer workstations are located at each library for independent literature searching. This access is also available from computers on the Cox network, including the computer labs at Cox College. 
  • Training in use of library resources, and orientations to the Libraries are available for individuals or groups. Contact us to schedule training appointments. 

Literature Searching Services 

Searches for clinical emergencies must be made by phone: 417-269-3460. 

  • Health care professionals may request a literature search for use with patient care or hospital business. 
  • Requests may be made by e-mail, telephone, fax, in person, or submitted online using the literature search request form
  • A bibliography of applicable resources will be provided. You may request reprints from the bibliography or independently located resources. 

Document Delivery 

Reprints for clinical emergencies must be made by phone: 417-269-3460. 

  • Requests for reprints may be made by mail, e-mail, telephone, fax, in person, or submitted online using either the journal article(s) request form or book(s) request form. 
  • The CoxHealth Libraries will make every attempt to obtain reprints of requested materials. Reprints will be obtained from in-house resources or through Interlibrary Loan. 
  • Preference for delivery of materials is selected by the user. Options include e-mail (documents are attached PDFs or a direct web link), fax, library pick-up or interoffice mail. 
  • Books must be picked-up.


The Libraries comply with U.S. Copyright Laws. Consult the CoxHealth Standards manual for Copyright standards. 


  • We accept gifts of books, journals and related materials. Permanent retention of a donated item is not guaranteed. Donations may be retained, traded with other libraries, or added to the ongoing book sale at the North Library. 
  • If you’d like to make a monetary donation to our libraries, or to send monies to a specific fund (such as the David Miller Memorial Library Fund), please contact us. 

Book Sale 

Materials no longer needed for the library collection are sold at the North Library.