Posted by Kaitlyn McConnell on Dec. 1, 2017 An image advertises CoxHealth's FLU20 promotion, which offers virtual visits for $20.

Please note: this promotion is extended through March 31, 2018.

Getting well just got cheaper: Now until Feb. 28, patients who are treated for flu-like symptoms via CoxHealth’s DirectConnect virtual visits can be seen for only $20. This flat fee is available to anyone who needs to be treated for issues such as fever, chills, cough and aches, regardless of insurance. Simply use plan code FLU20 when starting the visit.   

“We want to help patients get well in convenient ways, and stop the spread of illness by helping them stay at home when possible,” says Dr. Mark Costly, medical director for CoxHealth’s Regional Services. “Hopefully this offer will help spread the word that if someone has a computer or smart device, they can have their visit without even leaving home. Cameras make it possible to diagnose patients the same as if they were in an office.”  

In addition to its convenience, DirectConnect also helps reduce the spread of illness and is simple to use. Anyone wishing to be seen by a healthcare professional simply goes to After filling out some initial information — such as name, birthdate and phone number — a CoxHealth Patient Navigator is sent the request for care. The navigator talks to the patient to determine the type of care required, and contacts the provider to join the patient in their virtual room.

A few minutes later, a provider logs on and sees the patient via webcam before making a diagnosis. If a prescription is needed, it is sent to a pharmacy and the patient can use his or her health insurance benefits just like when obtaining a prescription in a traditional office setting.

For more information about DirectConnect, click here or call 417-269-TMED.