CoxHealth is a diverse yet integrated organization. A single logo represents all of us. Think of the CoxHealth logo as our health system’s collective thumbprint – a strong, clear symbol of a unified brand. 

Correct Usage

Although we capitalize the letters C and H, the CoxHealth name is one word, not two. The word "Systems" is not part of our name. The CoxHealth "stars" by themselves do not comprise a logo. 

Logo Standards correct usage

Incorrect Usage

Using the CoxHealth logo incorrectly detracts from our brand. Don't stretch the logo, change the color, add drop shadows or alter it in any other way. Neither the stars nor the logotype should ever be used alone.  

Logo Standards No nos

Logo Size

Minimum logo size is 1 inch. In spaces smaller than this, type is an acceptable alternative. Maintaining a minimum amount of space around the logo allows the logo to achieve the desired affect. If you're in doubt, contact us. 

Logo standards size

Facility Signage

Many of our facility signs honor historic gifts from generous donors. Note that for all other contexts (advertising, wearables, promotional items) the CoxHealth logo is used. 

 If you have questions, contact the Marketing Department for guidance. 

Logo standards facility signage

logo standards facility signage 2