CoxHealth Brand

Brand Platform

CoxHealth lives by a series of strong organizational pillars: service, people, quality, business and community. These pillars, coupled with our mission, vision, values and strategic priorities, drive all decisions, from business to patient care and are at the heart of all marketing efforts.

Our Vision

To be the best for

those who need us.

Our Mission

To improve the health of the communities we serve.

Our Values

Safety, compassion, respect and integrity.

Strategic Priorities

  • Unify: One patient experience
  • Population health: Coordinate care and reduce per capita costs
  • Academic medicine: Grow, train and retain top talent
  • Regionalize and access: Expand appropriate services

Brand Platform

We offer a brand platform to bring greater clarity, depth and focus to the brand strategy. The brand platform includes our why, our brand promise, key brand messages, our brand personality and our brand essence. 


People don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do what you do. Our why builds directly on CoxHealth’s mission and vision: We are here to be the best for those who need us. We believe we always do the right thing when we put our community first. 

Interviews with CoxHealth leadership and internal focus groups regularly convey a genuine commitment to our community. This commitment defines who we really are and the driving force behind everything we do. It’s what our people believe in. And their belief is strong. CoxHealth’s why provides a powerful foundation for a truly authentic brand story.

Brand promise

A strong brand promise brings the brand alive and puts it into action. It inspires our internal audience, creates value in the minds of consumers and makes our part of the world a better place. A brand promise must be consistently enforced with every action and expression. The integrity of our brand depends on it.

At CoxHealth, our brand promise is We stand for community. This a clear and simple declaration of our commitment to the people we care for and about and is a direct reflection of our why. 

Community, here, refers to both our physical community and the concept of community. It’s the people we care about – our family, friends and neighbors. Our hometown. People that depend on us. The places we’ve centered our existence around. It’s who we stand for. But just as importantly, community is an idea. It occurs when a group of people come together to share the same intent, values and sense of identity. Community happens when you contribute value in a selfless way. For CoxHealth, this occurs within the communities we serve, as well as within the internal CoxHealth family.

We stand for community. We are on the community’s side and are deeply committed to them. We listen to them, champion them, work for them and do our best for them. 

Key Messages

Our brand promise is intentionally concise and simple. So it’s important to support it with key messages that help audiences understand and embrace it. Each of our key messages describes an important aspect of how we deliver on our promise:

  • Our people – When we think of community, we think of you – our friends, family and neighbors. We work, play, learn and live together. We share the same hopes and dreams for this special place we call home. You’re our people, and your well-being is personal to us. Support point: Only locally-owned, managed and governed health care provider
  • Only the best – You’ve always trusted us when life is interrupted by illness and injury or when bringing a new baby into your family. This trust inspires us to bring you only the best medical expertise and services and drives our commitment to best practices, advanced training, quality and patient safety. Support point: Full continuum of services from urgent care and primary care to advanced surgery and Level I trauma
  • On your side – Health care is challenging. We don’t pretend we can change the entire system, but we do promise to stand for you at every turn. Most importantly, we’ll continue to create change at home. We’ll listen to you, work side-by-side with you and be relentless and creative in bringing you health care that’s easier and more personal, healing and healthy. Support point: Save My Spot
  • Giving back – We have a heart for service that reaches beyond the care we provide. You can count on us to stand side-by-side with you to help our community grow and prosper. Together, we’ll do great big good. We’re all in, because this is our home, too. Support point: Leadership volunteer program

Brand personality

Our brand personality is essential for communicating our brand promise. It humanizes our brand. This helps the audience emotionally relate to the brand in a manner that promotes our desired brand positioning. The recommended CoxHealth brand personality traits are smart, helpful, trustworthy and aspiring.

  • Smart – We’re intelligent and knowledgeable, acting with understanding and expertise. Think problem solvers, answers and good sense.
  • Helpful – We’re friendly and kind, treating everyone like friends and neighbors. Think approachable, neighborly and good.
  • Trustworthy – We speak and act with integrity and in an authentic way that’s true to who we are and who we serve. Think honest, reliable and without pretense. 
  • Aspiring – We’re ambitious, always looking forward and never satisfied with the status quo. Think energetic, innovative and full of promise.

Brand Essence

Our brand essence summarizes our brand platform in one or two words. The essence of the CoxHealth brand is community. Community is the reason for everything we do. We are community. We are Springfield, Branson, Monett, Lamar and many other communities throughout. These are our people. They come first. Always.

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