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Where do I go when I need immediate care? What alternatives do I have? 

A. Contact your primary care provider if within business hours
B. Clinics at Walmart (Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.)
C. Urgent Care
D. Emergency Room

If I am currently receiving specialized treatment, can I finish treatment before transferring to the CoxHealth Network?

CoxHealth is committed to partnering with Mid-Missouri Bank to ensure every patient receives the appropriate care at the appropriate time and place. We understand there are unique situations and individual needs to be addressed. Bearing this in mind, we will look at each situation to determine the best approach for individual treatment.

How do I find providers accepting new patients?

Most providers in our community understand network changes occur and are willing to offer recommendations to patients for assistance navigating a new network. We suggest requesting a referral from your current provider as your first approach. Click here for a complete list of providers (employer keyword: mmb). For additional assistance locating specialty providers, please call the CoxHealth transition line at 269-2760 or 1-800-869-1093.

How do I transfer my records from Mercy to CoxHealth?

The first step in the process is to become established with a CoxHealth provider. Next, you will need to complete a medical records request form. Assistance in filling out the form can be provided by your provider’s office.

Does CoxHealth have an online tool similar to MyMercy?

CoxHealth offers a secure website that provides access to your CoxHealth providers and convenient online services. This online patient portal, called CoxHealth Express, allows you to access your medical records, communicate with your physician online, renew prescriptions, and more.

What resources are available to me during this transition?

CoxHealth Network will partner with Mid-Missouri Bank to maintain continuum of care as you transition. Many resources will be available to you at this time including the following:

  • Dedicated transition team
  • Maps of CoxHealth facilities
  • Consultative transition planning
  • Customized materials
  • Personalized service
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Educational meetings

What is a Walmart Clinic? Can I use it, and for what services?

The Clinics at Walmart are CoxHealth walk-in clinics located within area Walmart facilities. Staffed by CoxHealth nurse practitioners and personnel, the clinics offer basic get well services and require no appointment. Some services offered include treatment of the common cold, flu, strep/sore throat, urinary tract/bladder infections, etc. View a complete list of services and locations.

If a specialist is not in the network, what will my coverage be?

If you elect to receive care from a provider outside of the network, you will be responsible for your out-of-network benefits. Please see your HR Plan Administrator for more information regarding your out-of-network benefits.

How do I know when to use First Health and when to use CoxHealth Network?

You will access CoxHealth Network when seeking in-network providers within the following counties in southwest Missouri: Barry, Christian, Dallas, Douglas, Greene, Lawrence, Phelps, Polk, Stone, Taney, Texas, Wright, Webster. Outside of these counties, you may access providers through either CoxHealth Network or First Health.

With the network change from Mercy to CoxHealth, will Mid-Missouri Bank have an open enrollment period prior to the switch?

Yes, Mid-Missouri Bank’s health plan will have an open enrollment period in the month of November.

Is there collection of co-pay at time of service?

It is the CoxHealth policy to request co-payments at the time of service.

Will new ID cards be issued?

Yes, new ID cards will be issued to all members following open enrollment.

Are there extended hours in the Lebanon area?

Yes, CoxHealth Center Lebanon is open as a walk-in facility from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-12 p.m. on Saturday.

Who do I contact if I have questions that have not been resolved by calling the transition line or from online resources?

You may contact any of the following individuals:

Rebecca Lucas, Corporate Account Specialist
417/269-2644 (mobile: 417/542-4137)

Janine Wilkins, Corporate Account Specialist
417/269-7042 (mobile: 417/827-2515)

Rebecca Weddle, Corporate Account Manager
417/269-2922 (mobile: 417/594-0189)

Heather Swearengin, Director of Business Development
417/269-2915 (mobile: 417/616-4181)

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