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TIPS to kick the tobacco habit

Learn more in this class:

When Women Quit Smoking
Friday, June 15
11a.m.-Noon, Suite 110, The Turner Center

Call 269-LADY to register.

Shawna Barnhart grew up around smokers and started the habit herself because her friends were smokers. The smoke and other side effects began bothering her and she was looking to save money.

Her doctor suggested the TIPS program at CoxHealth.

“TIPS stands for Tobacco-free Individual Plans,” says Glenda Miller, an intervention specialist with TIPS. “It is a tobacco cessation program offering support to help people succeed.”

Miller says TIPS offers a variety of options to help people quit tobacco, such as individual counseling, a support group and group classes.

“We want to meet the individual’s needs because everyone responds differently,” says Miller.

In TIPS, individuals identify the reasons they want to quit, they learn deep breathing exercises and how to distract themselves if they want to reach for a cigarette or other tobacco product.

“Quitting tobacco is the number one best thing you can do for your health,” says Miller. “On average, women who don’t smoke live 14 years longer than women who do.”

Through TIPS, Shawna is now smoke-free.

“The quit-smoking program really helped me. I would highly recommend somebody trying it out. Just being able to speak with someone one-on-one and get your thoughts out there – it’s really supportive.”

Listen to Shawna’s complete story, “Getting help to quit smoking.” For information about TIPS, call 269-4847 in Springfield and 236-2596 in Monett.

Are you or someone you know ready to give up cigarettes or other tobacco products? Listen to Glenda Miller, an intervention specialist, explain how to kick the habit once and for all in her HealthSense podcast, “The help you need to quit smoking.”

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