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New breast MRI

Early Detection

Beginning at age 40, have a mammogram every year.

Breast self-exam
Beginning at age 20, examine your breasts every month.

Clinical breast exam
Have a breast exam performed by your health care provider. Ages 20-39, every three years. Ages 40 and older, every year.

At CoxHealth, we're committed to helping women lead cancer-free lives.

For those with an increased risk of breast cancer, the Breast Care Clinic at CoxHealth will now offer magnetic resonance imaging of the breasts, or breast MRI starting in October.

"This MRI system, dedicated to breasts only, quickly takes multiple images of the breast using a high resolution magnet," explains Susan Smith, director of the Breast Care Clinic and registered technologist in radiology and mammography.

"The system has specific software and hardware to provide detailed pictures of the breast tissue."

This test is for patients who are at an increased risk for breast cancer, such as a genetic predisposition, have a suspicious area that was detected on their routine mammogram or those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Breast MRI evaluates the extent of the disease and helps in planning treatment," says Dr. John Clouse, a radiation oncologist. "The MRI also helps evaluate the patient's response to therapy and evaluates the breast following therapy or a surgery, such as a lumpectomy and radiation therapy."

The breast MRI is not used for routine screenings.

"We still recommend routine screenings, such as breast self-exams, clinical breast exams and mammograms for early detection," says Smith.

Call 269-LADY to schedule your mammogram at CoxHealth.

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