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Surviving a stroke

Stroke Screening 

We invite you to learn more about your risk factors and the steps you can take to prevent stroke. Join CoxHealth for a free stroke screening:

7:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Thursday, May 26
Fountain Plaza Room
at Cox North
1423 N. Jefferson Ave.

Each screening includes an individual risk assessment, blood pressure check, heart rate check, lipid profile and education and prevention counseling.

Click here to register or call 269-INFO.

Video: Act FAST for Stroke

After dinner with his wife at their Branson home, Verlyn Moe noticed something was wrong when he looked in the mirror.

"My wife, Glendora, insisted on calling 911 because my face was sagging," says Moe. "I told her that nothing was wrong. She called 911 anyway and I am lucky she did."

Moe was transported to the Emergency and Trauma Center at Cox South and was diagnosed with a stroke.

In the state of Missouri emergency medical services are advised to transport acute stroke patients to a designated stroke center, such as CoxHealth, rather than the closest facility.

"Research shows that patients transported to these centers, rather than simply the nearest hospital, have higher survival rates," says Dr. Scott Duff, a neurologist and medical director of the CoxHealth Stroke Center.

At Cox South, neurologist Dr. George Wong prescribed that Moe be given tissue Plasminogen Activator, or tPA. "This drug dissolves the blood clot and jumpstarts blood flow back to the brain, reducing the potential of permanent disability," says Dr. Wong. "Time is critical so tPA must be given within three hours after stroke symptoms start."

Moe expressed thanks to his wife, the nurses at CoxHealth and Dr. Wong.

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