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Leading the way in cardiac research

When heart patients receive treatment at CoxHealth, they're not only taking care of their own health, they're helping others through research under way at Wheeler Heart and Vascular Center.

A nationwide study is open to CoxHealth patients who receive a new generation drug-eluting stent. Participation in the trial is voluntary.

"A stent is a slotted metal tube that is placed in a blocked artery, re-establishing blood flow to the heart," explains Dr. Steven Rowe, cardiologist and principal investigator of the study.

The FDA-approved stent used for the study is already in use at CoxHealth and the course of treatment is the same for patients whether or not they participate in the study, says Rachel Parr, clinical research manager in Cardiovascular Services.

Participants in the study also take a new FDA-approved anti-platelet medication that is currently on the market. This medication is prescribed to participants for a portion of the study.

The research study lasts five years and trial participants share clinical data about their progress for the duration of the study.

"We are collecting outcomes and information to study the long term success of the stent," says Dr. Rowe. "The data also provides insight on the ideal length of time a patient should be on anti-platelet medication."

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