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Home    HealthSense Magazine    2010 Archives    Winter 2010    Microwave energy zaps tumors
Microwave energy zaps tumors

microwave ablation for liver cancer and tumorsCoxHealth is the first hospital in the area to offer a new tool to treat cancer of the liver. The Covidien EvidentTM Microwave Ablation System effectively destroys liver tumors using microwave energy.

"With this technology, we can treat a larger tumor and multiple tumors at the same time in a shorter timeframe than previous treatment options," says Dr. Charles Woodall III, surgical oncologist at CoxHealth.

The new microwave system is also safer than other treatments. "With radiofrequency ablation, a common side effect is burns on the skin," says Dr. Woodall. "We don't see that with microwave ablation because the heat is generated in a different way."

During the procedure, a small antenna is inserted into the tumor. The antenna is connected to a generator that delivers microwave energy directly into the diseased tumor.

The destroyed tissue gradually shrinks and is replaced by scar tissue. This method preserves the maximum amount of good liver tissue.

For more information, listen to Dr. Woodall's podcast about microwave ablation.

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