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Linda's Story: Back Pain


"I feel wonderful now. I feel like I can go out and do anything."

–Linda Lowery

For two years, Linda Lowery dealt with pain in her lower back that would come and go. Pain relief medication seemed to help, and usually the pain would go away after two or three days.

Then the pain came – and stayed. For several months, Linda endured a constant, debillitating pain that had a dramatic impact on her life. Most nights, the pain would wake her up in the middle of the night, and she would be unable to fall back asleep.

Walking her dog was out of the question. Even sitting down to watch television for an hour would make for excruciating pain when she went to get up after the show ended.

Linda tried everything she could think of. She went to a chiropractor. She took medication. She tried home remedies that she found online. Nothing helped.

Finally, she took the advice of her daughter-in-law, who had sought relief at CoxHealth's Center for Advanced Pain Management.

Linda recalls being put at ease by the physicians and support staff at the clinic as they explained each segment of the treatment process. The best part of her experience, though, is living without pain again.

Today, Linda gets a full night's sleep. She's back out enjoying the activities she enjoyed before the pain set in, and is feeling a new appreciation for her renewed sense of living.

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