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Sleep Disorders

For most people, falling asleep and staying asleep come naturally. But for those with sleep disorders, there's nothing simple about getting a good night's rest.

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Techniques such as stimulus control and sleep restriction strategies may help you overcome problems with sleeplessness. If you have occasional sleep problems, try our tips for a good night's sleep. However, if the problem persists longer than four to six weeks, you may need professional help. 

All sleep-related problems are studied at CoxHealth Sleep Disorders Center, including:

How to be evaluated for sleep disorders

You will need to talk with your primary physician and request a referral to one of our sleep specialistsOne of our physicians will conduct a brief sleep consultation to get a history of your sleep patterns and sleep difficulties as well as a thorough medical work-up.

After this consultation the physician may send you to the CoxHealth Sleep Disorders Center for a sleep study or recommend another plan, depending on your individual symptoms.

If you have been scheduled for a sleep study, click here to download a packet of information you need to know ahead of time. You may also download a sleep diary (instructions for keeping a diary can be downloaded here).

Read testimonials from patients who have undergone sleep studies

For more information or free booklets about specific types of sleep disorders, contact or visit the American Academy of Sleep Medicine at or the American Sleep Apnea Association at


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